Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer is for Teachers

You would think the school calendar allows for a two month break for the students benefit.  As I finished my sixth year of teaching, I can't tell you how wrong that assumption is.  Summer is not for kids, camps, amusement parks.  These are just the convenient side effects needed behind the real purpose of summer. 

Summer is for teachers.  If there wasn't a summer to rejuvenate, reenergize, and refresh, I wouldn't go back in the fall.  

These are the women who help me get through each day, week, and month of teaching.  When I need an idea on how to reteach something, I turn to them.  When I need the tact to reply to a parent email, I turn to them.  When I am emotionally drained and frustrated, I turn to them.  It was my pleasure to host a night where we could gather, giggle, and chat about things other than school.  

My amazing grill master at work.

Coco confused by all the people.  She was wore out the next day and let us sleep in.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sweet Start of Summer

One week in and I have impressed myself at making some pretty good headway on my "This Summer I Will" list.  Full of all the things that make me smile, I've had a great start.

The week was full of celebrations....

.... our friend, Leah, was married this weekend.  A reflective moment with the night full of wine and cocktails for a couple who is approaching a one year anniversary.  Happy memories from our own special night flooded in as we danced the night away.

... and continued with more celebrations.  Sunday, we celebrated more new beginnings with our extended family, the Knapps.  Bailey has officially graduated from college, and Bradie and Nate welcomed Jaden to the world.  We grilled, chatted, and snuggled the baby until the rain moved in.

 .... and the week had many moments of this with a few breaks for yoga and running.  Coco is thrown by this new schedule we have.  Not quite sure what to think as I stay home.  This week in books includes If I Stay, Gone Girl, and Bossypants. 

.... and, as the week wrapped up, we raised a glass of wine to one of my favorite girls.  I know how special it is to not only have a sister I love and respect, but also one I enjoy (and want) to be around.  I'm so lucky to have her as a sister.  I was even more proud of Mom for suggesting a picture, though she tried to get out of being in it.  It turned out perfect.

.... it all wraps up into a simple start to a sweet summer.