Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mila is One Year!

Obviously, a little late...

I weigh 23.5 pounds and
 am 29.5 inches tall. 
I walk all over the house. 
I am cutting two molars. 
I had my last bottle of formula and am on to whole milk. 
I crawl up the stairs and am learning to crawl down.
I get my own snacks out of the pantry when I'm hungry.
I love my tea party set Mom and Dad got me for my birthday.
I love to pull all of my books off the shelves. 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Milestones: Mila's First Trick-or-Treat!

There wasn't much thought that went into Mila's costume this year.  I immediately knew what I wanted for her to be.  Since she was born, she has been our little bug.  I started calling her my little love bug and bugaboo month one.  Now, it's practically her name.  Everyone call her bug.  Her favorite show is Beat Bugs on Netflix, which is a cartoon of little bugs singing Beatles songs.  Of course, she had to be a lady bug.  

Apparently, lady bugs have tea parties on top of coffee tables.  Yes, she climbed up there all by herself. In one quick moment.  

We went trick-or-treating to about five houses in the neighborhood.  She had no idea what was going on, but she tried to take everything in.   

M&Ms are yummy (Mila's first chocolate).

Monday, September 12, 2016

Mila is 11 Months!

I said my third word, "ta-da," after I learned to turn on the iPhones and iPads. 
I take one step then giggle like crazy and fall down. 
I am learning about puzzles and can get the circle in the right spot. 
I got hand, foot, and mouth the week school started, then shared it with all my friends at daycare.

I got another virus the next week and shared it with Mom and Dad.
I tailgated my first game in Ames wearing purple and gold!  
I love my stuffed animals!  I give them hugs all the time.
I dance to the music of all of my toys.  

Friday, August 12, 2016

Mila is 10 Months!

I play peek-a-boo all the time. 

I love Lift the Flap books.
I push my walker and train all over the place. 
I never sit still. 
I went on my first vacation to Okoboji. 
I love the swings at the park. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mila is 9 Months!

I love strawberries.  They are my favorite, though I eat anything. 
I wave goodbye and hello. 
I stand by myself without touching anything for a nanosecond. 
I LOVE the water and went to my first swim lessons with Mom.
I sleep 12-13 hours a night, but still fight taking naps during the day. 

I have the cutest nasal laugh through my nose. 
I went to story time with Mom (this summer stuff is pretty cool).
I have two more teeth and working on two beyond that for a total of six! 

So many teeth! 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Breakfast

Don't they know they put me facing the wrong way?  Here, I'll fix it.  

Dad, can I have some?

Finally, my own plate of breakfast!

Mom, seriously, you need to be faster about this.  Let me help.

Mila is 8 Months!

I stand.  Constantly.  Dad had to lower the crib mattress already.   
I have to be on the move.  There is no sitting still.
I try to walk between the couch, ottoman, and coffee table.  
I chat with lots of stories and an occasional "da-da" and "ma-ma."
I fight taking naps because I don't want to miss anything.
I have nearly mastered my pincer grab.
I try new solid foods all the time.
I went on my first overnight trip out of town with Mom and Dad to Williamsburg.  
I went to the splash pad for the first time.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

Mila learned quickly how the Smiths start a Holiday weekend.

Since Mila woke up at 7am on Saturday, we did something we have been talking about doing since we started dating: went to the farmer's market.  It was packed.  It had been years since either one of us had been, so we really had only heard rumors of what it had become.  The food, the vendors, the people.  We walked for two hours and still didn't see everything.  

Mila was certainly entertained by all to see.

And entertaining to all with her accessories. 

We made a rookie mistake and didn't do the food thing right at the Farmer's Market.  We were completely overwhelmed by all the options.  We did split a breakfast sandwich that was amazing with bacon, asparagus, and egg.  But we left starving.  It ended up being a great excuse to go out to brunch.  And Mila looked so big as she shared an omelet with Mom.  

That night, we got a much needed date night.  Can you tell from this excited Prom pose? 

We enjoyed a dinner at Roca with cocktails and shrimp and jalapeƱo flatbread.

We even made it out to Mickey's for after dinner drinks, but we didn't last that long.  Not really our scene any more. 

On Sunday, we packed for an overnight to Williamsburg.  It was a puzzle to fit a stroller, pack and play, golf clubs, bumbo, suitcase, diaper bag, and overnight bag in the car.  Maybe we shouldn't have gotten rid of that Navigator.  

As Mom and Dad were getting ready to go, we tried to get Mila to sleep... She fought it.  (Also, I secretly love she is playing with her stuffed animals more.)

When we arrived, the Driscolls, as always, welcomed us with open arms and cocktails. 

On Monday, Casey played in the annual golf tournament with is cousins and uncle.  Mila and I hit the Tanger Outlet sales.  And then she fought another nap before heading back to Des Moines.

When we got back home, reality was waiting: 

We all slept great Monday night, but still woke up exhausted.  A successful weekend.