Thursday, May 29, 2014

This Summer I Will.... (2014)

Even though it was the longest winter in recent memory, summer snuck in.  One day, it is a brisk 30 degrees with a roaring wind; the next, it is raining and dreary all day; then, out of nowhere, it is sunny and humid.  Oh, how quickly Iowans forget about the humidity when the wind chills are at record lows.  

Not only the weather, but also the events of this past season made it feel longer than most.  As good friends of our said, "you are becoming pros at grief."  Not something I ever aspired to do. 

But, summer is like the start of a new year.  Renewed energy to get things accomplished that have been put off since last summer.  Fresh start with fresh air and opportunities.  Blank slate for stories to be made and experienced. 

This summer I will...
Discover the joys of being a homeowner

~ create an office oasis: Right now, it's a disastrous catchall.  There are piles of papers, mounds of books, and random decor waiting for attention.  I want it to be a productive and creative workspace.  It has long way to go.

~ organize a laundry room: This isn't a priority in Casey's book, but he doesn't spend as much time there as I do.  Mom has offered Doug's services to help put cupboards and hanging bars to make doing laundry as fun as it can possible be.

~ plant flowers: I really just want someone to do this for me.  I do not have any sort of green thumb or even have any idea where to start.

~ splash color on the walls: A few weeks ago, Casey said we need some paint on the walls downstairs.  A casual statement implying little to no effort.  Our downstairs is more or less one room.  You paint one, you are painting everything including the hallway upstairs.  I think I will be showing Casey how much an accent wall can add.

~ order wedding photos: I once read you can't hang a memory disk on a wall.  So true. Our amazing photographer, D&orfs Photography, has overwhelmed us with memories from one of my favorite days.  I will relive this day through these photographs and try to select some of the nearly 2,000 photos to print.

Encourage my literary mind

~ fly through some of the latest young adults hits
~ write about all the blessings
~ attend my first "EngCamp" in Cedar Falls
~ take a class, or two, or three
~ read some things that let me escape this reality
~ reinvent the look of my blog to reflect me
~ host another book exchange to learn new titles and find great reads
~ finish writing about the hard things from the first half of the year
~ find inspiring works to read and challenge me
~ share more, post more, photograph more

Learn how to relax

~ sit on our patio and sip sangria
~ bask in the sun and work on my tan
~ listen to music with my feet in Casey's lap
~ sip and dip with family in Okoboji with a "final, final"
~ binge watch an new show on Netflix
~ get addicted to running again
~ spoil myself with manicures and pedicures
~ savor long lunches with good friends
~ patio hop downtown one afternoon
~ become a yogi at StudioB
~ enjoy pool dates with my favorite ladies
~ jam out at outdoor concerts
~ go to Key West!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Why I Know How to be a Great Mom

When it comes to motherhood, I'm not worried.  Nervous, maybe.  Worried, not even a little bit.  That is the part I am looking forward to the most right now.  I have the best example to follow.  She showed me how to love, to nurture, and to comfort.  She taught me this and so much more.

I know never to make a promise unless you can keep it.  They are sacred.
I know to nurture the moments a child is ready to talk, even if it is bedtime.
I know how to foster independence and uniqueness in a child.
I know the comfort and ease only a mother can provide.
I know how to support and encourage someone so much she feels like she can take on the world.
I know when times get rough how to show up and listen.
I know how to give the best hugs, and there is no such thing as too many.
I know what the unconditional love and acceptance of a mother feels like.

I can't wait to make her proud by being a mom like her.  When I get the chance, she will be the most amazing grandma, just like mine.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


To say we've been through a lot this year is the understatement of the century.  We sat down at dinner last week.  Worn out.  Beat up.  At our max.  We reflected on the last six months.

 And we're grateful.

~ for the wine I can now drink -- and need
~ for the chocolate
~ for the beautiful flowers to brighten our day
~ for the cards and messages offering condolences 
~ for the thoughts, prayers of encouragement
~ for the texts and calls
~ for the promise of a night out
~ for the delicious cupcakes
~ for the Easter dinner neither one of us had the motivation to cook
~ for the patience and understanding 
~ for the figurine that reminds us of our strength
~ for the sharing of stories giving hope for the future 
~ for the peace
~ for the hugs, near and far
~ for thinking and caring for us