Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mila is Two Months!

~ ten pounds, fourteen ounces, twenty-three inches long at two month check up 
~ full control of my head, which is great because I need to see everything
~ still rolling over from my tummy to my back during tummy time, which I love
~ love bath time and eating the bubbles and standing up in the tub
~ slept seven and a half hours on Mom's birthday as a gift to her
~ got to meet Santa, and we napped and read a book together
~ love playing "Patty Cake" with Mom - I laugh and she cries

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mila is One Month!

~ eight pounds, four ounces and twenty and a half inches long at one month check up
~ four hours of sleep one night and six hours the next!  (Although, I haven't done it since.)
~ rolling over even though Mom told me I was too young
~ holding my head up longer than I should 
~ meeting so many friends and future playmates 
~ first out of town trip to Williamsburg to meet my cousins

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A New Kind of Date Night

This time, the cocktail selection included a bottle.  
This time, the dance in the living room added a new partner. 
This time, the conversation changed ever so slightly.
This time, the snuggles weren't just reserved for us. 
And it was our new happy.  

When the temperature hits record highs in November, Iowans know they must take advantage of it, no questions asked.  Because, all too soon, winter will creep in and never end.  So, when the forecast called for upper 70s, I didn't have to convince Casey to grill me some steak and shrimp.  

And, by turning off the television, turning on the music, and focusing on each other, we could create our own date night right at home.  

Pandora created our tone and mood for the night with Jack Johnson's radio station.  It was as if Jack and Pandora had planned it for us.  

"Everything" by Michael Buble popped on and demanded we dance.  This was the first song we danced to as a married couple.  We scooped Mila up and told her the story of Mom and Dad's first dance and wedding day.  

Then, as if on cue, "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz came on as we sat down to eat.  The song from our wedding ceremony.  The song that immediately makes me think of my husband and our love.  The song that captures our relationship perfectly.  It could not have been planned better.  Mila gave us twenty uninterrupted minutes to enjoy cocktails, food, and each other.  

And we were reminded of the love that created our precious little girl. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Celebrating Year 2

Our second anniversary was celebrated much like the first.  Both included at great night and delicious meal at 801 Steak and Chop.  Both were decorated with little hearts and special anniversary menus from the staff at 801.  Both shared memories of the last year and of our wedding day.  But this year, one of us had a "mocktail" and our next big adventure silently wiggled in my tummy. 

Key Lime Pie
In our cards this year, we both wrote a note to the other about how lucky we feel to have each other.  I am so honored and blessed to get to spend my life with someone who loves and spoils me like he does.  

Friday, June 19, 2015

Gender Reveal Party: Baby Smitty's 1st Happy Hour

I like to know things.  Always have.  So when given the chance to know if our little nugget was a boy or a girl, there was no question.  I had to know.

Not only did I have to know, I can't keep a secret like that.  So, the day we found out, we hosted Baby Smitty's 1st Happy Hour to tell our families.

Waiting from our 11 am appointment until 4:30pm was hard enough.  I wanted to call my mom the minute I left the doctor's office.  Thankfully, I could keep busy with planning and prepping thanks to ideas from Pinterest.

The cupcakes:

The appetizers:

The decorations: 

The guests: 

Each guest got to decide if they thought Nugget was a boy or girl before getting a cupcake.  They also got to make predictions of Baby Smitty's arrival date.

The parents: 

Completely staged play by play.  Thanks to Aunt Crysta for the photography skills!  Little Nugget will love laughing at her cheesy parents one day.


We are beyond excited and blessed to welcome our daughter this fall.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Name Change

One of the reasons I waited so long to start a blog - even with the pressure from my grandma to write - was the name.  I felt it needed to be forever.  The perfect name from the start.  If there is anything I have learned since, it's -- life doesn't work out that way.

So, here I am, changing the name of my blog after two years.

I am a different person than when I started this.  Then, I was a newly engaged twenty-something.  I spent my weekends out until all hours of the morning.  I worried about writing papers to finish my masters.  I looked forward to vacations and trips to the beach to get away.

Now, I am in my thirties.   I spend more weekends at home snuggled with my husband and dog.  I worry about the health of my family, especially my little nugget.  I look forward to becoming a family of three.

With that, the name goes from "Makes for Good Stories" to "The One with Our Story."

The best part will be looking back on this in a few years and reflecting on my old self and who knows what the future will bring.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day, 2015

Last year, I fought back tears.  I plastered a smile on my face.  I worked to make it through the day, going through the motions.  It had only been weeks since I lost my little baby.  I tried to fill the emptiness.  But, I failed.  The day was yet another reminder of what I had lost.  All I could do was look forward and hope.

And I did.

This year, I am glowing.

I knew I wanted to capture this picture of the mom-to-be and grandmas-to-be, but I didn't know the feelings it would conjure as I look at it.

For the first time this weekend, the idea of getting to be a mom is starting to sink in.  It helped that my Friday morning started with the first little flutter in my tummy.  Just like a butterfly, my little nugget said "Good morning, Momma."  Then, hearing "Happy Mother's Day" all day long, reminding me of the precious babe growing and thriving inside me.  The weekend ended Monday afternoon at my sixteen week appointment listening to my little nugget's heartbeat.  No better sound in the world.

Even more so, I look at my mom's proud smile and am so excited she gets to be a grandma.  And how lucky I am that my kids will have her.  I can picture their future: playing in flour while baking, laying on the floor coloring, sleeping over with Grandpa Doug teasing them and running to Grandma for comfort.  I am jealous.  And so grateful.

We all look forward to next year in the same spot when we will pass around a seven month old giggling baby who will never question how loved he/she is.