Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Happiness is...

...watching my eighty year old grandma play on the floor with my sixth month old daughter.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The One Where I Learn about Bullet Journaling

A couple weeks ago, I saw a student filling in a very unique looking planner.  The planner addict in me immediately needed more information.  Turns out, it wasn't in a planner; it was a bullet journal.  A planner, journal, and scrapbook all in one.  She gave me a quick overview and told me to head to Pinterest for more ideas.  This is what has been missing from my life since I was her age.  

At first, I thought she had made up "bullet journalling."  After getting lost on Pinterest, I realized how deep I could go here.  How truly dangerous it could be.  And the best part is, I can make it my own.  I have always been planner obsessed.  This may take that obsession to a whole new level.

I hate that I am a perfectionist.  The first pages I tried to create, I ripped out and restarted.  I'm hoping this will help me - eventually - to get over it.  I just need to keep reminding myself there is always another day, another week, another month to try it a different way.

As I showed Casey all the different options, he said why would anyone want to live like this?  It is how my mind works.  A reflective place for all my thoughts, plans, and goals.  It keeps my ideas, notes, and intentions in one place with some semblance of an organization.

I can set monthly goals, (I was never a girl that was good at doodling bubble and block letters, so I've actually made this one of my monthly goals.  I decided I'm not too old to learn)

track progress (obviously, the "no added sugar" thing needs some work)

and see all the upcoming due dates (this one was way too depressing - we'll see if I actually do it again).

I love that each week, I get to decide a new layout that fits my plans, my style, and my mood.  I love feeling of completion as I check off each task.  I love playing and learning new designs and doodles to enhance the pages.

This one makes me laugh.  Two hours after I started this, our refrigerated broke. #bestlaidplans

Once I learned about this, I immediately wanted to take it to the classroom, not only for me as a teacher, but also for students.

I am a big picture thinker, especially when it comes to school planning, so I love having a place I can constantly hold my ideas and refer back to.

After I finished this weeks layout, a new sense of calm came over me.  It's definitely a way to treat my anxiety even though I know many would see it as panic inducing.  And the possibilities are endless.  

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Milestones: First Tooth!

I knew it would eventually pop through, but after watching you gnaw and drool over everything in sight for the last two months, I had no idea what kind of timeline we were looking at.  I was shocked when it actually did.  

At the doctor's office today for your six month check up, I causally mention, "and no teeth yet."  Dr. Seacory said, "did you see this one right here on the left?"  You immediately made a liar out of me. 

Sure enough, little white nubs were poking through your gums. I was nearly giddy about this milestone. I wanted someone else there to celebrate, but Dr. Seacory didn't look nearly as surprised or ecstatic as I was.  So proud of you. You are growing up so fast. And now I why you haven't slept the last two nights. 

I'd love to add a picture, but every time we try to look, the tongue goes out, too. Might be a while before we have photographic evidence. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mila is 6 Months!

~ eating all kinds of yummy baby food; avocados and sweet potatoes are my favorite
~ sitting up on my own
~ exploring the textures of everything
~ kicking and splashing in my bath like crazy, still
~ crawling and spinning all around, especially for Mom's phone
~ trying to play Dad's video game with him
going to Baby and Me yoga with Mom
~ spending the night with grandma and grandpa for the first time

Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Milestones: Mila on the Move

You have been moving since Valentine's Day.  That was the first time I left you somewhere, and you weren't there when I returned.  Definitely a moment that stopped Mom in her tracks.  [pictures February 14, 2016]

Since then, you have been spinning on your tummy.  Faster and faster everyday.  We usually put a circle of toys around you, so you have access to them.  You are perfectly content spinning from one to the next.  [pictures April 11, 2016]

You even spin around in your crib in the middle of the night.  (Mom laid you down with your feet going the other way.)  [picture February 24, 2016]

On Saturday, we went to Baby and Me Yoga for the third time, and they had us do "baby plank."  You had your cute little hands stretched out on the ground, and I lifted your hips in the air.  Apparently, that was all the cue you needed.  You now have your army crawl down, especially going after Mom's phone.  [video April 9, 2016]

This creates new problems for you.  You got stuck under the chair and didn't know how to get out. [pictures April 10, 2016]

All too soon, you will be taking off clear across the room before we know it.  Our summer is going to be a lot different than I think I had originally anticipated.  And I can't wait!

To top it off, you've nearly mastered sitting.  It was a busy weekend.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Milestones: Chomp Chomp

On Saturday, you watched Mom eat lunch.  Since then, you have been mimicking the ::chomp chomp:: all weekend!  Randomly and constantly.  Dad thinks you have a piece of gum in there.  I don't know if it's your teeth or if you are ready for more food, but you are definitely our little mockingbird.