Tuesday, March 14, 2017

5 AM

I used to think my mother was crazy for never sleeping in.  Why on earth would she want to get out of a nice, warm comfy bed with soft, fluffy pillows?  I'd hit snooze as often as I could before I had to get up.  Many times in my teens and young twenties I would sleep past noon.

Now, I realize she is a GENIUS.

5 AM is quickly becoming my favorite time of the day.  Me time.

The house sleeps perfectly quite and still.  Just the breath of my loves upstairs fast asleep.  I'm extra careful not to wake anyone.  For their sanity, and mine.

It's a time for me to be me.  Not Mom.  Not a wife.  Not a teacher.

Just me.

I don't forget about these roles.  In fact, many things happen at this hour to make me better in each of these titles.

But, it is an hour, a time, completely devoted to what I need at the exact moment.  Maybe it's a run.  Maybe time to write.  Maybe catch up on a book.  Maybe it's time to just sit and enjoy my coffee.

No matter how I spend the time, it's not wasted.  All of these activities prepare me for my day mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I've never been more excited to get up.

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